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Group workout classes at Places Gym Hinckley

We offer a wide range of group workout classes at Places Gym Hinckley, with all of them bookable via the timetable at the bottom of the page.

See below for more info on just some of the sessions on offer.

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Group Cycling

Our exciting, instructor-led indoor cycling classes are perfect for beginners to serious cyclists. A fantastic calorie burner for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, simply set the intensity level on the bike and get pedalling.

Group cycling classes provide a full body cardio workout getting the lungs and heart working as well as the legs, bum, back and core muscles.

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Pilates teaches you how to use your muscles in a controlled way so that they work in harmony with your breathing. It strengthens the body through movement & is ideal for all levels of fitness.

Pilates is floor-based on a mat, carrying out slow, low-impact exercises which engage the core and strengthen muscles. With regular attendance you will strengthen your body with particular emphasis on core strength, improving general fitness and wellbeing.

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A great class for anyone looking to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. Circuit classes can be enjoyed at your own pace and level therefore is suitable for all abilities.

Multiple exercise stations are set up for you to work around spending a few minutes on each with short breaks in between. Exercises can include bench dips, medicine ball chest press, sit ups, squat jumps, steps ups, shuttle runs, burpees, skipping and much more.

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A relaxing class designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance and promote a feeling of wellbeing.

Yoga classes provide an opportunity to stretch, unwind, and release tension, offering a good counterpoint to both busy lifestyles and cardio workouts. In Hatha Yoga we bring awareness to our mind, body and breath as we explore ways of creating balance and uniting opposites.

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Legs, bums & tums

Anyone and everyone can enjoy Legs, Bums & Tums. Whether your a beginner to fitness or an LBT veteran, these fun classes are the go-to place to work on these key areas.

This full body aerobic class will have you jogging on the spot to warm up, get you on the floor to crunch those abs, a few step routines and lunges working the legs and of course expect some squats - officially the best thing for a booty-licious bum!

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