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Meet our coaches!

Swimming Coaches

Our swimming instructors make up a very large percentage of our coaches across our centres. Whilst we would love to put each and every one on a pedestal… it would prove rather tricky!

Instead, we have gathered a few stories from several of our teachers to give a little taste of how they got into teaching and the impact they have on our community.

Emma Green

Emma Green became a Level 1 Assistant Swimming Teacher after graduating from university and demonstrates how she takes pride in her coaching because of the difference she makes to the children she teaches:

“I used to participate in a lot of sport when I was younger, including swimming for Dartford Swimming Club.  Now I am much older I wanted to use my skills and practices within coaching. I am an Assistant Swim Teacher and currently training towards my Level 2 qualification. Swimming is such an important life skill, and I find this career path so rewarding as it gives me great satisfaction when the children are learning and progressing forward.”



With years of experience, Joan decided to become a swimming teacher after experiencing the difference that our lessons had on individuals first-hand. Along with additional disciplines, she has become an expert in the field and enjoys just how versatile our lesson offerings can be:

“I have over 30 years of experience in swim teaching. When I took my own children to Parent & Baby Classes, I enjoyed the lessons so much I decided to train myself as a Swim Teacher. I find the role so rewarding and it is lovely to meet all the different people. This is now my full-time career. I teach all the Swim England stages as well as other disciplines within the sport including Parent & Baby and Rookie Lifeguard.”



Francesca is one of our Level 2 Swimming teachers who took to teaching after being a competitive swimmer herself. She perfectly illustrates again, why our coaches are dedicated to what they do – because making a difference to people’s lives is fulfilling:

“I have been a competitive swimmer since the age of 9.  My main areas are Swim England competitive stages 8-10. I love helping children and adults achieve such an important life skill and watching their development. When I am not studying at university, I spend the rest of my time teaching at the pool.  What I most enjoy about being a teacher is that it is hugely rewarding, and lessons never get boring.”



Specialising in diving development, our Level 2 Coach Malcolm, illustrates the variation amongst the skillsets of our coaches. Helping his sons compete at National Level wasn’t enough, he has carried on coaching for 25 years, benefitting all of his students to become highly skilled in the water… as well as diving into it!

“As a parent of four boys that competed at Junior National Level I first learned to judge, then followed up with coaching qualifications. I have now been coaching for around 25 years. I retired from development control highway engineering 10 years ago but continue to support youth development as a Governor and Chief Invigilator for GCSE, BTECH & A-levels exams. I coach Diving Development Classes which offer a great opportunity to start the learning of diving in a safe and friendly environment.”


Michael Appleby

Providing just a taste of what our swimming coaches are about, we hope that this gives an insight into how much they differ in their passions. Yet simultaneously sharing the same drive, determination, and patience in teaching people of all different ages and abilities to learn to swim. They truly are heroes!

If you want to give swimming a go or are interested in developing your current swimming ability please get in touch.

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