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Supporting those in need

Here are just some of the ways we have tried to make a difference and supported Ukrainians in our centres across the nation...

Our teams at The Dolphin and the Triangle in West Sussex organised a charity bike ride and row to raise money for the crisis in Ukraine. Customers donated and took part in collectively riding and rowing the distance from their centres in West Sussex to Kyiv, which amounted to a whopping 1,509 miles!

Our SWIMTAG challenge has been running since March and involves swimming the length of Kyiv’s Monument of Independence in a heart shape to raise money through UNICEF. As well as many donations, hundreds across the country took to the water to show their support and raise money and awareness for those fighting and fleeing the conflict.

Click here to view the hearts made by all those who took on the challenge and how to get involved yourself.

Across several sites including Felixstowe and Brackenbury, our centres became Ukraine Aid donation points. People could bring their donations to the centres including food, toiletries, and medicine.

Fundraising aside, we also offered free memberships for Ukrainian refugees in the country who had been affected by the war and needed support in accessing leisure facilities.

Whilst we can’t control how the crisis in Ukraine unfolds, we hope that by contributing in any way we can brings a sense of relief to some that have been affected.