Rotherham Leisure Complex

hosts blood donations

Rotherham Leisure Complex do their bit for the NHS while closed

Their centre may be closed due to the disruptions around the coronavirus, but the team at Rotherham Leisure Complex are serving their community in other ways. 

On Friday 3rd April several Duty Manager from the site volunteered their time to help host a blood donation at the empty centre.  after the NHS approached them as they were experiencing a number of cancellations across the region.

A spokesperson for the NHS said:

"We are working to keep supplying lifesaving blood to hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic. We need people to keep donating. We have extra safety measures in place and travel to donate blood is essential for the NHS. Our sessions and centres are open and our staff are taking special measures to provide a clean and safe space for you to donate.

As normal please only attend our sessions if you have an appointment. Please note, if you come with someone who is not donating they will have to wait outside. We therefore ask that you do not bring children to session at this time.

Unfortunately due to COVID 19 we are having to cancel some appointments. Blood supply is in a good position and these cancellations will not affect our ability to supply the blood that patients need."

Further sessions are now arranged at Rotherham Leisure Complex and Maltby Leisure Centre for May. You can book one here.

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