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Sarah's story - Weight loss

I started my journey about six years ago. Having been overweight all my life, I decided to make a change, and so began my journey. 

I changed how I ate to start with, going from a size 24 to a size 16 in just over a year. Feeling very proud and imagining that was the new me, I thought I was done. But I decided to started swimming at the local Places Leisure pool. At my first session I nervously donned a swimming costume for the first time in 25 years (since I was a teen). Before I knew it, I was swimming three times a week. Roll forward five years… I now swim every day.

I am a size 10 and have lost 10 stone. Swimming is my happy place. My therapy, leisure, and exercise. No other thing allows me to just think. Away from phones and devices - I have total time to myself. No matter how I feel going in the water, I am a better woman when I get out. Life changing does not even begin to cover it. Not only am I half the size I was, if not more. But I feel better inside and out.