Mums' Zone Launches Support and Wellbeing Groups For New Mums

Places Leisure is delighted to announce the launch of Mums’ Zone, the new holistic health and wellbeing programme for mums and their babies in Slough and Wokingham areas from September 2019.

The programme is designed to address some of the support needed for mothers in their perinatal period, with a focus on improving mental health. According to NHS England, perinatal mental ill health affects up to 20 per cent of women during pregnancy and in their first year after giving birth [].

Research also shows that the effects of the mother’s mental health both while pregnant and after birth, on their children’s mental health can have an impact years into the future (Source NHS). With a strong link between maternal mental health and children’s mental health, Mums’ Zone provides a service to support mums. 

Places Leisure developed Mums’ Zone in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University who have a wealth of expertise in the field of perinatal care.  The University will be providing the research and evaluation of the programme and Get Berkshire Active are also a partner managing the Slough delivery. The programme is funded by the Sports Council Trust Company and supported by Wokingham and Slough Borough Councils.


Dr Marlize de Vivo, Senior Research Fellow at Canterbury Christ Church University said: “This is a very timely project; not only as there is an increased awareness of perinatal mental health but we are also expecting the first national guidance on physical activity for women after childbirth to be released later this year. Mums’ Zone embraces this link between physical activity and postpartum wellbeing, not only by providing mothers with the opportunity to be regularly active in a safe and welcoming environment but also affording them the opportunity to develop social support networks by engaging with other new mums”.

What can mums expect to see at the Mums’ Zone sessions? It’s a very informal get-together of local mums with similar aged babies (non-walkers). Within the relaxing atmosphere of Children Centres and St Crispin’s Leisure Centre mums will have a chance to enjoy healthy refreshments and snacks, take part in some Yoga and breathing activity and talk about day-to-day issues. They will also be able to get advice from professionals on important topics and learn how to balance a new life of busy parenting with time for self-care. Places Leisure plans to run 2-hour sessions twice a week for 26 weeks in Slough and Wokingham.

Cllr Ullakarin Clark, Executive Member for Children’s Services, Wokingham Borough Council said: “This is such a fantastic opportunity for mothers. Being a new mother can be a challenging time for women. We know that physical activity can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health. This programme offers mums a chance to learn yoga and socialise with other mothers in a relaxing atmosphere.”

Places Leisure are grateful for the amazing support that they have received from Rainbow Park Children’s Centre in Winnersh, that is generously providing their facility for one of the Mums’ Zone sessions in Wokingham. 

Cllr Parry Batth, Executive Member for Environment and Leisure, Wokingham Borough Council said: “Mum’s Zone is a great example of how our local leisure service providers are working with external partners to develop and run services to meet the needs of our new mums within our local communities.“

The Programme will be supported by a small cohort of ‘Mums’ Zone Ambassadors’ who will be a weekly friendly face and support for the mums.