Graves Health & Sports Centre keeps helping

Foodbank donations and NCESM support

It may be closed for leisure activities, but Graves Health & Sports Centre in Sheffield is still doing great work in its community.

Coordinated by Exercise Referral Coordinator, Jo Strong, approximately £450 of food and drink stock from Graves’ café has been donated to two local foodbanks: Grace Food Bank in the Lowedges area and S6 Foodbank in the Hill.

During its closure, Graves continues to support its key partner the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCESM), enabling them to carry out telephone consultations with patients that would otherwise have to seek their treatment and advice within an NHS setting. Seventeen clinical rooms are being used, with approximately 4 consultations each hour, resulting in up to 2,500 consultations in a typical week – a huge additional pressure taken off NHS services.

Professor Rob Copeland, Director of the NCSEM, said:

“Please can I extend my sincere thanks for the support you have provided the NHS and NCSEM during this time of challenge. You and your staff are an absolute credit to the Places Leisure organisation and I'm extremely grateful for everything that you have done during this challenging time.

“Thanks also to the senior team at Places Leisure for providing permission and enabling us to work in this way.”