Start your premium membership right!

We hope you’re loving your new Premium membership and that it makes it really easy and loads of fun for you to be more active!

We want you to get off to the best possible start, so here are some great membership benefits that will help! And yes, they’re all free!

  • Download the Places Tracker app – it lets you track all your activity in one place, indoors and out so you get a full picture of how much you’re moving. There’s also fun challenges, workouts and articles
  • Sign up for Your Journey – three personalised sessions with the fitness team to give you have a tailored gym programme. More can be found on the app
  • Pick up a SWIMTAG at reception every time you swim – no more counting lengths! It also syncs with our app
  • Book your classes 15 days in advance - from the start time of your session - by phone or via the app 
  • With unlimited use of the gym, pool and classes, there’s always something new to try!