Lost your mojo? We’ll find it for you!

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just don’t feel like getting active. It might be that you’re coming back from injury, illness or a holiday. Maybe your fitness has plateaued and you’re not seeing he gains you were before. Or maybe you’ve just had a hectic week and your mojo has disappeared.

So what to do? Well, firstly, don’t give up! We all feel that way sometimes – it’s how you respond to it that counts. Take a look at our top tips for getting back on it.

Refocus your goals - remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place

Get some support - our team of fitness experts are always on hand to give you some extra motivation.

If you’re bored, get a free 1-2-1 program review with one of the fitness team or pick a fun SWIMTAG challenge.

Try a personal training session for extra motivation!

Buddy up – it’s always more fun and motivating with a mate