Track it. Analyse it. View stats.

We often hear that you love swimming but miss the traceability and performance tracking available with dry sports and exercises. It’s not enough to just exercise anymore, we want to track it. Analyse it. View stats. That’s why we offer SWIMTAG for free!

What is SWIMTAG?

A wearable technology, like an Apple Watch or FitBit, that measures your swim statistics. Capturing performance over time, counting lengths and timings, SWIMTAG provides an overview of your workout. Whether you’re just interested to see your average length count without all of the counting or you’re training for your next challenge, SWIMTAG makes it easier to review your exercise and is the perfect swim training aid.
We also like that SWIMTAG keeps a historic chart of your swimming, which can be a great confidence boost on those days when you need a little lift! It will also notify you when you achieve a personal best or goal, just for that extra little feel-good-factor.

How do I use it?

Simply grab a SWIMTAG wristband (available at reception, just ask!) and complete your swim as usual. Once you’ve finished, the wristband will automatically upload your swim and then you can review it online. SWIMTAG can break down your swim into stroke types, calorie burn, rest percentage and a whole array of statistics dependent on what you’d like to track. Some of our favourites are; seeing the average pace to make sure we’re working hard throughout our swim and stroke rate so we try and perfect our swimming technique.
You’ll just need to register before your first swim and then you’re set. Register for an account. Bonus: You can now use your own sports watch and import your swim to SWIMTAG too! Using your Apple Watch or your Garmin wearable are the two most popular options at the moment.

Do I have to be a member?

No! We want as many people as possible to make the most of this service, which is why our casual users (Places Members) can use SWIMTAG for free too.

What else?

Rule the Pool is a weekly competition for you to compare your swim against past swims and measure your progression over time against yourself and others. You will be able to upload a 400m swim (using any stroke) every week during any public session. Your 400m time will be added to an interactive league table which is published every Sunday night, just for fun! You can also invite your friends for a bit of friendly competition.


We know that sometimes you just need to see a goal to be able to get that extra motivation to achieve something amazing. That’s why SWIMTAG has lots of challenges throughout the year! For those of you just starting out, why not give take on our January Challenge? Take yourself through the centre of London, from Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge. That’s 3,991m or 160 lengths of a 25m pool. Join the Challenge