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Lynne’s story begins as a reasonably active, healthy dress size 12 as she had been, consistently, for the majority of her adult life. Even throughout her two pregnancies Lynne was able to stick to what she felt was reasonably healthy life habits. When a loss to the family and grief took its toll on her healthy habits, Lynne decided to start swimming and joined Aldershot Pools and Fitness Centre to take back control…

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In 2017, Lynne unexpectantly lost her sister to sudden adult death syndrome. The huge loss to her herself and her family started to cause bad habits to creep in and her weight to creep up. Lynne found herself overindulging and struggling to moderate her eating and drinking. 

Lynne decided in 2019, it was time ‘to take back control’ and joined Aldershot Pools and Fitness Centre where she began swimming three times a week and started to feel a real sense of accomplishment ‘I reworked my daily routines to make space for this exercise and always looked forward to my time in the pool.’ 

Unfortunately, just as Lynne was finding her stride in her new routine, lockdown hit, causing the centre to close and for Lynne, as for many, her fitness journey was put on hold. Lynne says, ‘the enforced time at home had a massive impact on my physical and mental health and devastating consequences for my body’.

As lockdown lifted Lynne was eager to return to Aldershot but it had taken a huge toll both physically and mentally. Lynne adds ‘when I went back, I was somewhere between a size 16-18, my skin was dull and grey, and I looked sad and uncomfortable’. Determined not to give up Lynne decided it might be time to try something new, ‘I discovered that adding a gym package to my swim membership was only a little extra’.  

New to the gym, Lynne completed her induction with Tom, the gym manager, who showed her around, taught her how to use the machines and created her a personal exercise plan. After initially feeling a little nervous she soon realised ‘everyone was friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxed and informal’. 

In her own words about starting her gym journey, Lynne explains ‘initially, I was adamant that “I don't sweat, and I don't run”. It turns out I do both! After some tentative first steps on the treadmill, I experimented with light jogging, for 60-90 seconds at a time. Tom, was really supportive, always complimenting me on even the smallest victories and monitoring my progress. He also weighed and measured me once a fortnight to keep me motivated by seeing the results. Tom was observant and intuitive, knowing when to offer support and when to hold back and give me space.

He encouraged me to try Couch to 5K. I was hesitant, as I had tried and failed a few years earlier, but I started on 10th January 2022, and no one was more shocked that me when I completed the programme on 4th March 2022.’ 

Her fitness journey has now progressed beyond the gym - ‘looking for a challenge I started going to my local Parkrun. My personal competitiveness, lead to me completing my first 10K event, finishing in 1hr 13mins. I then joined my local running club and now run with them once or twice a week.’ 

In addition to her running, Lynne is still swimming 3 times a week and has since recruited her husband to join the gym, having been inspired by her journey and being so proud of her success! 

Whilst Lynne had received multiple compliments on her weight loss and body sculpting, it is the changes to both her self-esteem and confidence that she feels has had the biggest impact on her life, rather than the numbers on the scales or measuring tape.  

Lynne says she feels ‘so grateful for the support I received’ from the team at Aldershot Pools & Fitness Centre and has come full circle and more, fitting back into size 12 clothes and becoming a stone lighter than where she originally started.  

Our centres are designed to create a relaxed and welcoming environment, whatever stage of your journey you’re on. Whether it’s the gym, swimming or classes that take your interest our team are on hand to support your fitness journey!   

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