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The main advice I would give to someone thinking of training for a marathon is….just do it! Sign up today to what you are thinking about doing , you won’t regret it. All the training and effort is worth it in the end when you cross that line and have earnt that medal!

Training will never be straightforward and linear, it will have its up and downs. Just trust the process and move onto the next session when things so wrong.

The best part of training for me has been the weather. I am used to winter training for marathons and other races so it’s been nice to see sunshine. It’s been very hot but it’s far more motivational than -2 and snowing for 18 miles!

I wouldn’t say I have had a ‘worst’ part, the toughest bit has been fitting the training in through the kids 6 weeks holidays including family holidays and 4 weddings! Winter training always has a clear diary and summer is always full!

The only thing so far I would have done differently is go and smash the gym early before the kids get up, but I’ve had to adapt round all the school runs to compensate.

Chris - Beach Run

About Chris

Charity running for: Motor Neurone Disease Association

Fundraising link: Just Giving​

Chris' story:

I have been a keen runner for 10 years and covered distances from 1 mile to ultra-marathon (34 miles).

I have been attempting the ballot for LM for 12 years, even before I started running!

In January 2020, my father-in-law was diagnosed with advanced Motor Neurone Disease. It was a short but horrific battle with the disease, and he passed away in April 2020, just 3 months later. It was horrendous for family as none of us could visit him in the last month due to lockdowns, and only 12 family members could go to the funeral. It was heart-breaking sitting with my 3 children watching the funeral on the laptop, seeing all the family crying and not being able to be there to support them.

In June 2020, I started to fundraise for MNDA. I took part in their ‘7 in 7’ challenge which was 7 10Ks in 7 days, to make it interesting I did it on the week of Christmas.

I have been doing fundraising or them since, and recently applied for one of their charity places. I was accepted onto their marathon team on the provision that I raise a minimum of £3K.

I have lots of fundraising ideas coming up to hopefully raise more than the minimum amount required. 

Whilst I run several times a week; strength work, gym and cross training are things that I need to integrate into my training. I work part time due to doing all the school runs for our three children, so money is tight, and memberships for me are not feasible at present. I would love to be able to maximise my running potential and focus on being in the best shape I can be on the start line.