Drowning Prevention Week

17th-24th June

All the information you need to know about Drowning Prevention Week 2023.

Drowning Prevention Week (DPW) aims to equip people across the UK and Ireland with the awareness, skills, and knowledge to enjoy water safety.

It comes at a timely point of year. As more of us look to the water to cool us down throughout summer, it’s a period where the risk of accidental drowning rises.

There are many simple ways to get involved, which is why we’re getting down to business with the campaign.

Places Leisure takes water safety seriously. We know that there’s more to swimming than its physical and mental benefits, which is why we base our swimming lessons around building life skills for individuals, regardless of age and ability.

Having this approach prepares individuals for critical water-related accidents, whether the situation involves themselves or other people.

We’re proud to work alongside Swim England’s Learn to Swim Framework. Starting from the basic, foundations skills through to improving swimming technique, the Framework eventually leads to greater safety, ability, and stamina in the water.

We’re big on creating places for everyone, and that means providing places that give everybody the opportunity to learn to swim.


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Additional Resources

The RLSS have a range of resources available on their website where you can find more information about Drowning Prevention Week.

Visit the RLSS website


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