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Having been involved with the gym for many years, fitness has always been a big part of Paul’s life. Starting from his youth, from swimming through to boxing, water polo and fencing, Paul finds it hard not to be active!  

His passion for fitness has spread throughout his family, where his son is a keen rugby player, daughter is a talented synchronized swimmer, and his wife loves to attend Yoga and Pilates classes for her wellbeing. As well as this, most mornings before work and school Paul attends the gym with his two children, which he says, “is like a social club with exercise”. 

After attending so frequently, for so many years, the team at Riverside Leisure Centre have gotten to know Paul and his family and have said “it is an absolute pleasure to have them visit us each morning, we’ve seen the confidence of the family grow through their frequent use of the centre”. 

At 54 years old, Paul is a fencing coach, so it is vital he keeps his fitness up to keep up with the students! As we progress into 2024, Paul and his family aim to keep improving their fitness and will continue to love their fun and active lifestyle. 

If you have been inspired by Paul’s story and are looking to set yourself a challenge for 2024, we have a range of facilities across a wealth of our centres which can cater to all abilities. Our main goal is to create active spaces for health people and communities to thrive in, so it is important to us to ensure the landscape is accessible for all.  

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