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David is fast approaching his 65th birthday and wishes to use his spare time to exercise. We all know how important it is to stay active while working full-time, and it’s even better if we can socialise as we do it. Exercising and socialising comfortably are at the top of David’s list. 

“l do not want to fall into the category of ageing and deteriorating in many ways,” David says.

Fitness is an important part of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. As we start to get older, turning our sights on safely maintaining good health is a fantastic thing to do, no matter what stage of your journey you're at.

The NHS recommends that those aged 60 and above do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week, or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise if you are already active.

We lose muscle mass, strength, and bone density as we age. But even moderate amounts of activity, such as walking the dog or doing some gardening, can do wonders for our physical & mental wellbeing and mobility as our bodies start to change with getting older. 

The options are endless when it comes to activity, but it’s important to note that taking a safe and gradual approach is imperative to any fitness journey. Aiming to be physically active every day and reduce the time spent sitting or lying down with periods or light activity is an ideal routine.

David greatly believes in his potential, and so do we! 

If you have been inspired by David’s story and are looking to set yourself a challenge for 2024, we have a range of facilities across a wealth of our centres which can cater to all abilities. Our main goal is to create active spaces for health people and communities to thrive in, so it is important to us to ensure the landscape is accessible for all. 

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