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As a 38-year-old athlete, Adam has always led an active lifestyle, primarily as a track and field runner, and is currently reigning champion for the Kent Masters 400m 3 years running (no pun intended).  

Growing up, he always loved football and basketball but seemed to excel in athletics more than other sports. Whilst living in Australia, he started running during his school years, it was mandatory for sports day. He realised his talent after many race wins, including district and regional championships, and making it to the state final! 

Adam moved to the U.K. in 2011, and after the significant change and settling in, he lost touch with all and any form of sport or fitness and started to gained weight. As time passed, he felt he needed to do something, to make a change. So, naturally, he rediscovered his passion for what he knew and loved best…athletics! 

It took a few years to find his feet and see progression with weight loss, but the success has led him to want to push himself even further. 

As he’s gotten older, Adam has realised that he needs more than just track sessions to keep in shape, he’d like to build muscle and strengthen other areas that have long been neglected. 

“Primarily my fitness is all based on the track, being a 400m runner, that's all I ever knew. I've not really used a gym properly or been to a 'proper' gym…normally just makeshift gyms at various athletics clubs I've been attached to.”, Adam says, but he is keen to try this out to improve his strength. With a bodybuilding coach as a training partner, it’s not what you know it’s who you know! 

He is determined to stay competitive and hopes to one day compete at a World Masters Championships. His goal for 2024 is to into the best shape of his life and represent his country at the World Championships for the 400m.  

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