Horsham's Local Covid-19 Hero

Maddie has been selected as a ‘COVID-19 hero’ by Horsham Wellbeing Service for all the hard work and effort she put in over the last 15 months to support her community. As a reward she got to cut the ribbon to their new shop on opening day and has been awarded a Premium complimentary membership for a year to reward her for all her hard work.

Maddie has worked continuously throughout the pandemic to support the young people. She works at Ingfield Manor School. During the first lockdown she worked full time at Ingfield, whilst supporting her PA (carer) job for many disabled children in Horsham.

During this difficult time she provided care and compassion to ensure all the children she worked with felt safe and had access to an education whilst they couldn’t attend school. She went above and beyond to ensure that she could offer as many hours as she could to provided families with much needed respite when all other services had stopped.

Maddie dealt with a lot of difficult situations with a calm and positive attitude, even taking a children she works with to hospital and remained with him.

Maddie deserves to be recognised for her hard work and the amount of compassion she has shown during the past 15 months. She has gone above and beyond in more ways than one and so many families within the Horsham district (and further!) are so appreciative of her kind and caring personality especially during the pandemic.

Without the support Maddie provided, lockdown would have been a lot harder for a lot of families.