Rig classes

Starting in April

Rig classes starting in April!

Our popular rig classes are making a return this April. Suitable for all fitness levels and perfect for those who enjoy variety in their workouts. 

Class timetable:

  • Monday, Rig circuits - 7am-7.30am
  • Monday, Teen circuits - 3.45pm-4.45pm
  • Tuesday, Rig fat burn - 7.30am -8am
  • Tuesday, Rig circuits - 5pm-5.30pm
  • Wednesday, Rig core extreme 12pm-12.30pm
  • Wednesday, Rig fat burn - 6pm-6.30pm
  • Thursday, Rig functional HIIT - 6.30am-7am
  • Thursday, Rig strength - 7.30pm-8pm
  • Friday, Rig core extreme - 6.30am-7am
  • Friday, Rig functional HIIT - 6.30pm-7pm
  • Saturday, Rig functional HIIT - 8am-8.30am
  • Saturday, Rig circuits - 1pm-1.30pm
  • Saturday, Rig core extreme - 7.30am-8am
  • Sunday, Rig strength - 1pm-1.30pm

Classes are available to book 2 weeks in advance. Visit our timetable for updates.