Pool information

Knowing my distance

Here's the length and number of lanes for our pools.

Main Pool

Length: 25 metres

Lanes: 4

Shallow end depth: 1.0 metres

Deep end depth: up to 1.8 metres with a movable floor

Pool Temperature: between 29 - 30 degrees celsius



Keep our pool clean 

Our pool water is treated by UV light that allows us to keep chemical usage at a low level.  Help us to keep your pool clean by following these guidelines.

  • Remove your shoes before entering the pool hall or wear blue overshoes
  • Use the toilet before you swim
  • Shower before you swim 
  • Wear a swimming hat
Pool Inflatable

Our 14 metre 'Wobstacle' Inflatable is fun for all the family.  Will you make it to the end without falling off?  Each Inflatable session also has giant floats, mats and toys to play on. Check out our timetable below for more information.