The benefits of our swimming lesson programme

Why should my child learn to swim?

There’s so many reasons why your child should learn how to swim. Not only is it an essential life skill that helps to make children feel secure and be safer in the water, but it has an abundance of physical and emotional benefits for your child, too.

Increased activity is always a good thing, but swimming in particular is a fantastic way to make sure that your child is getting a full body workout with minimal impact.

Plus, your child will receive free casual swimming sessions whilst they are enrolled onto our swimming lesson programme. This means that they can practice their swim techniques outside of lessons, completely free of charge! 

In addition... 

Physical benefits for your child include:

  •       Healthy heart and lungs
  •       Improved strength and flexibility
  •       Better coordination and balance
  •       Improved posture
  •       Enhanced stamina


Mental benefits for your child include:

  •       Social skills, meet new friends
  •       Enhanced cognitive development
  •       Develop their confidence
  •       Sense of achievement when earning badges, certificates, etc.
  •       Increase their sense of healthy competition


We have a comprehensive swimming lesson programme, from Adult & Baby lessons, to Stage 7 stars! To find out more about our swimming lessons, including days, times and Stages, click below.

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