Katy is a life saver!

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Learning to swim is a life skill and really could one day save a life!!

Continuing reading to find out how Katy one of fantastic swimming instructors at Places Leisure really did help one of her pupils do exactly that!!


Katy’s story

“I have been teaching swimming for many years and with my younger swimmers I often play a game called ‘Jack in the Box’. This is a great game that encourages children to put their face under the water and help gain water confidence. Trying to get 3 & 4 year olds confident at putting their face under can be quite challenging so I came up with a game of ‘Jack in the box’ where I would rest my hand on their head and say jack in the box and they would go under the water and pop up to try and scare me and their parents.  The children absolutely love this game and it really helps them learn through having fun”.  

“One day out of the blue I was contacted by the parents of one of my swimming pupils saying that that wanted to thank me for what I had done for their little boy. The dad was very emotional and went on to say that they had recently been away on holiday staying in a house that had a large garden with some friends and their children. The children had been happily playing at the bottom of the garden when one child came running into the house saying that Leopold (my pupil) had fallen in a hole full of lots of water and couldn’t get out.

Thinking the worse, the parents ran to the bottom of the garden to find that Leopold had indeed fallen down an uncovered man hole which was full with water. They were relived to see he was ok and managing to keep his head above the water level. Thankfully they managed to pull Leopold out without coming to any harm”.

“Talking to Leopald after his ordeal they were overwhelmed when he was asking how he was feeling he said “I’m ok, I did what Katy had taught me to do in my swimming lessons – I did the Jack in the Box!” 



If you would like to find out more about swimming lessons taught by Katy and our great team of qualified instructors at Loughton Leisure Centre you can get in touch here and a member of our team would be happy to get back to you with more details.