New Stages Cycles

We're excited for our new delivery!

New Stages Cycles

We are excited for you to try out our new Stages Cycles!

Group cycling is an easy way to burn calories whilst mixing up your fitness routine. Whether your looking for a High Intensity Interval Training workout or a gentle active recovery, the new bikes will ensure your workout won't be topped.

What are the benefits of cycling?

  • Adjust the workout to suit you - go at your own pace and adjust the bikes resistance to mix intensity dependent on your mood. 
  • Build muscle - whilst being a great cardio workout, cycling also strengthens your quadriceps and glutes!
  • Low impact - unlike running, cycling is not a weight bearing activity. This means the likelihood for injury is significantly reduced.  

What is Stages Cycles?

Stages Cycles is a cycling company built by industry experts: from engineers to designers, sales professionals to elite bike racers.

Stages Cycling's passion for 100% cycling is what drives consistent innovation and commitment to customer success.

The bikes allow a smooth ride, whilst being completely adjustable to suit your physical needs. 

The new Stages Cycles will be available to use in our group exercises classes.

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