Pool information

Knowing my distance

SWIMTAG is the latest wearable technology that helps you track your swim activity.

You can enter challenges and competitions to compete against other swimmers or your own personal best.

SWIMTAG is free for members and our Places members (our free membership category). Once you've become a member you can sign up for SWIMTAG (you'll need your membership card number) and then log in after each swim to review your performance.

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Here's the length and number of lanes for our pools.

Main Pool

Used for Just Swim Lessons, Fitness Lane Swimming, Swimming Clubs & Schools. 

Length: 25 metres

Lanes: 5


Teaching Pool

Mainly used for swimming lessons and our younger swimmers. 

Length: 12.5 metres

Lanes: N/A


Remember, you will need to bring appropriate swimwear, a towel and £1 for your locker. 

We require blue shoe covers to go on over all outdoor shoes that are worn inside the swim change and pool side areas.