Introducing RT24

Relentless Training 24

Relentless 24 is a functional training programme that focuses on HIIT and HIRT.

What makes RT24 different?


High intensity resistance training 

RT24 uses 'high volume, low loading' within RT24 to get the muscles to fatigue. It is when in the fatigue state that the muscles will grow. Each class is designed to target every major muscle group so you are getting a full body workout.


High intensity interval training

Each class is designed to be no longer than 24 minutes of work. This allows us to work at High Intensity in short interval periods. The timing and structure of each class will vary but each class is based under the HIIT principles


Functional compound movements

RT24 is designed to incorporate as many compound movements as possible. This will not only aid muscle growth but when preformed correctly will help to reduce injuries and maintain training longevity


Measuring individual progress

Each class will have a measurable aspect to it. This means you will be able to track your progress and will give you factual evidence for the results from RT24


Mange time effectively

Each workout will last for approximately 24 minutes. The high intensity aspect of the training results in reducing the time needed to train, which allows you to use your time for other activities more efficiently


When are the classes?

Launching Monday 1st January 2022

  • Monday 10.15am
  • Tuesday 7.15am
  • Thursday 7.15am
How to book?

Simply book your class online with us today.

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