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Sports at Arborfield Green Leisure Centre

From booking a court with friends or learning a sport for the first time our centre has something that’s right for you. We work hard with the National Governing Bodies of a number of sports to fill our facilities with ideas that are fun and engaging.  

Most of our sports are available to book online.

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Badminton works your entire body as your legs are moving you round the court and your upper body helps you to hit the perfect return so it's a great all round workout. You can play at different levels too so those wanting a lower intensity rally can catch up on the chat at the same time, but for others a competitive game may be the way forward.

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Our sports clubs

Academie De Danse

We offer classes for 3-18yr olds in Cecchetti ballet, Jazz and Acrobatic Arts.

For more information, please call 07768911830, email us or visit our website via the link below:

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The world's most popular sport, football provides a great workout and improves overall fitness, coordination and stamina.

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Offering all round improved fitness, tennis also improves mental alertness and hand-eye co-ordination.  Playing doubles is great for social life and a chance to polish up your communication skills.

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