World Squash Day 2023

Why squash is one of our favourite sports!

World Squash Day is on the horizon, and we want to use this as a chance to outline all of the great things that squash has to offer as a sport.

With the colder months looming, squash is a great option for those who are looking for a fun activity come rain, shine, or even snow! Taking place inside our squash courts, we offer private bookings or drop-in slots in our centres around the country.

Here are some reasons as to why squash is one of our favourite sports:

It’s fun. Whatever your age or ability, the number one reason people play squash is because it’s fun! There’s nothing like hitting a ball against a wall as hard as you can to help get all that negative energy out! Squash can help reduce stress, release endorphins, and improve your mood too.

It gets you fit. Squash involves bursts of high intensity followed by short periods of rest – the very definition of HIIT training. Court bookings typically last 40 minutes, making squash a great fitness option for those who are short of time. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people who regularly play racket sports are also 53% less likely to experience cardiovascular disease!

Squash is for everyone. You don’t need to be the fittest, the strongest or the most skilled to play squash. Whether you’re having a hit with friends or joining a drop-in session at your local club, squash does an amazing job in connecting communities and helping people form new social circles.

Now that you know why squash is great, you need to learn how to play even greater! Below are some pointers to bear in mind that will help you rule the court and master the basics:

Equipment. Get your squash racket, squash ball, trainers, and another opponent at the ready!

Score! Matches are the best of three or five games, with each game scoring to 11. If there’s a tie at 10-10, a player must win by two clear points.

Serve. The squash ball should be volleyed and served directly on to the front wall above the service line (the middle line) in the court. When the ball returns, it must fall to the floor within the back quarter of the court, opposite to the server’s box.

Return. A return is good if the ball is returned by the striker on to the front wall without touching the floor, providing the ball isn’t hit twice, or out, or touches the tin (the area below the lowest red line on the front wall).

Lets. If a player thinks their swing may be impeded by an opponent, or that they may hit their opponent with the ball or racket, a let is called and neither player wins a point.

Serve, score, have fun, and repeat!

Head to the British Squash website at the following link for options suitable for all abilities:

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