Why working out with a buddy will help get you fitter!

8 Reasons why working out with your buddy is better.

Benefits Of Working Out With A Buddy

We all set our ambitions, especially around this time of year, and often, they are unique to ourselves. But, reaching your fitness goals doesn't mean that you must embark on the journey alone. Working out with a friend can have real and positive impacts on your fitness levels, from accountability of your actions to getting the best value from your gym membership.

Here are just some of the benefits of working out with a buddy:



It's so much easier to say to yourself that you, "Don't feel like it today," when you plan to go to the gym. Bailing on yourself takes all of two seconds and your motivation is well and truly lost for the day. But, if you have a whole other person to cancel on, you're less likely to follow through with sending that, "Can we reschedule?" text. And, the more you go to work out, the less likely you are to give up on your gym membership, your fitness goals and your friend!



Friendly competitive behaviour can do wonders for your workout! If you see your buddy going further than you, going for longer than you are, or lifting heavier, you'll naturally want to push yourself that extra mile… quite literally. You might not even realise that it's happening!



Working out with someone else means that you have another person with different strengths, weaknesses and fitness interests to you. Try a new class, have a swim, give a different circuit a go! Mixing up your exercise routine will ensure you stay interested in being active and work muscles that you may not necessarily have worked when doing the same old gym session by yourself. This doesn't have to stop at the gym either, you can share at-home workouts you're doing to keep fit, lifestyle changes you're making towards your goals and healthy recipes you’re cooking.



Carrying on from our previous point, you could gain valuable knowledge by working out with the someone else. Sharing tips, tricks and recipes mean that you'll feel more prepared every time you come back to our Place. You'll have more motivation to learn about what exercises affect what areas of the body, nutritional tips and more shortcuts to success than you can count!


Longer Workouts

On average, those who work out with a buddy spend longer on each fitness session, compared to those that workout alone. This means you maximise each session, get even stronger, burn more calories and tone up quicker. Your buddy may even push you to try things that could be out of your comfort zone; lift the weights you're nervous to lift, do that 45-minute spin class, when you're only used to doing a 30-minute session. The possibilities are endless!



You guys are both at the gym for a reason, whether it's to feel healthier, improve your wellbeing, or get to your ideal, healthy weight, chances are that you will both have something to reach for. If your workout buddy knows your fitness goals, whatever they may be, they're more likely to amp you up to reach them. If you know what your friend is trying to accomplish, wouldn't you want to help them to achieve it?


Shared Recovery

It's a whole lot easier to recover from a hard workout when your friend is going through the same thing with you. It's a vitally important process, so make sure you've got that supportive buddy there to help you along the way. Go for some well-earned brunch together, grab a coffee, or protein shake and relax! Mental recovery from a workout is equally important, so being with your workout pal to discuss what you liked, what you didn’t, how you’re feeling is a great way to emotionally detox from your session.


Save Money

It may sound like a bit of a stretch… no pun intended… but coming to the gym with a buddy could save you pounds while you lose the ounces. If you drive to our Centre, you could save money on fuel by taking it in turns to drive. Or, you can grab cheaper PT sessions, if you take part in them together. Finally, the more you use your membership, the better value it becomes, meaning you feel like you've well and truly squeezed every penny of your monthly membership.

These are just some of the ways in which you can improve your level of fitness by grabbing your workout buddy and smashing those goals together!


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