Walking Rugby

Try something new in 2020

Join us for Walking Rugby at our Place!

This is a low impact, slow paced version of rugby. Walking Rugby is for anyone aged 50 years old and over. Sessions are adapted to cater for all backgrounds and experiences of Rugby. Veterans of the game are welcome as are newcomers.

This sport is slightly different to it's higher impact counterpart and, as the name suggests, running is forbidden. Players cannot pass the ball higher than shoulder height, there are also no high tackles – or indeed any tackles – and, crucially, no scrums, rucks or mauls. Instead, players are allowed to hold onto the ball for no more than three seconds before passing, keeping the pace moving and giving the other team an opportunity to intercept. 

This is a great sport for those wanting to stay active, but find regular rugby too difficult, and is an incredibly sociable and inclusive game. 

Walking Rugby starts on the 5th February 2020 and will run: 

  • Wednesdays 10am - 12pm

Contact: Jayne Stallion