Nikki's bodybuilding story

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We love to hear your success stories about how you have achieved your goals with the help of our gym, classes, pool and personal trainers. This is Nikki's amazing story... 

I thought cardio was the answer to get the "ideal body" I wanted, but this wasn’t the case. It just made me skinny with no muscle which, for me, wasn’t the look that I wanted!

After talking to a good friend of mine, Craig, who was into bodybuilding he said I should try lifting weights in the gym instead, so this is what I did!

After having 5 children, putting 5 stone on with my second, I was determined to get back into shape to make me feel better about myself! After my body started responding well to lifting weights it was then suggested to me that I should compete. This was something I never ever thought I’d be good enough to do! I had some bad coaches to start with, then met Steve, who has helped me change how I eat and train to get the best out of my body. This has resulted in me being in the best shape of my life at 44 years of age!

This year, I won the IBFA Midlands Ladies Athletic class, I won the IBFA Ladies overall class, came 2nd in the Open Yorkshire Classic, 5th in the NABBA England class and 2nd in the IBFA Worlds in Rome, putting me through to the IBFA Universe next year in Sapri, Italy!

I’ve had the best experience of my life this year met some amazing people on my journey. If you want something bad enough go out and get it!


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