Making it count

Why should I join?

We believe that everyone is a member. Whatever your activity type or visit frequency we'd like to stay in touch to keep you aware of all the latest news.  We provide a choice of packages to suit everyone’s interests and we have a free membership option too.

We know that physical activity is a habit and that when our customers make a regular commitment their activity is much more likely to be sustained. That’s why we encourage all of our customers to pay for their activities by subscription. For regular visitors it’s cheaper that way too!

We’ll also encourage customers to take out a package with multiple activity options because we know the more varied their activity lifestyle, the longer they’ll remain active

Of course it’s OK to ‘pay as you go’.  Our Places Membership is just that, perfect for those people looking to visit occasionally and you get some extra benefits too.

How do I join?

Adult Premium, Swim and Places Membership are available online.

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We also have a variety of other memberships available at the centre, including juniors and concessions. For more information call us on 01252 323482.