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We believe in delivering a comprehensive swimming pathway, by fully qualified teachers. That’s why we follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework. For our children's swimming lessons, we start by focusing on the fundamentals of swimming and work our way through the swim stages. We emphasise teaching water skills, confidence and safety in a positive and encouraging environment.

As part of your swimming lesson package, we continuously assess all children. Regular updates are available to parents/guardians on our free Course Hub. You can track your child’s progress against the key competencies of each stage throughout their swimming lesson journey.

We promote individual progress and therefore move children through the swim stages based on their personal progression, not age. Children develop at different speeds, so once they hit all of their stage criteria, they will be acknowledged with the Swim England Awards Scheme and movement to the next swim stage.

What do they need to start?
  • Swimwear! We love the Zoggs range, you will find a selection of swimwear for sales at your local Places Leisure pool but you can also buy online here.
  • A towel: Any towel will do, but we really like those massive ones you can wrap around yourself!
  • Swim hat: You will be given a colour coded swim cap according to the class of your child. You can collect this from reception prior to their first lessons.
  • Pound coin/padlock: Depending on the lockers at your local centre, you will need either a pound coin or padlock to secure your belongings.
  • Mum/Dad/Auntie/Grandad/responsible adult to stay in the centre during their lesson if they are under 8.
Child in swimming cap and goggles
Life lessons

We know that exercise is a vital consideration for all healthy humans! Starting swimming lessons early on, is a great way to demonstrate exercise as a normal part of every day life. Swimming is a light introduction to the concept of working their bodies; it’s fun, engaging and varied!

Once they’ve nailed a couple of strokes, it’s a skill they can carry with them throughout their life, right into their older years. Swimming is one of the most accessible exercises throughout all life stages, providing a low impact workout that can often still be performed through injury and ailments.

Family perks

Once they’ve mastered water confidence, your choices for family activities multiplies! From heading down to your local leisure centre for a family splash around together, to those more interesting water activities on holiday. If your little one feels safe in the water, they’re ready to explore and have fun. We really think it’s one of the best ways to make memories together as a family.

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